Preliminary information model

  1. Seller's information

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İstastar Medikal Ürünler Kozmetik ve Otomotiv Tekstil Gıda Tic Ltd Şti


Denizköşkler Mahallesi, Londra Asfaltı Caddesi, E5 Yanyol, Aslıtürk Apartmanı, No: 53 Kat: 3, Daire: 16 Avcılar/İstanbul

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  1. Buyer's information





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  1. Product and delivery information

3.1 The basic characteristics of the goods (type, quantity, brand/model, color, number) and campaign terms in the event of publication. The campaign can be

reviewed through the website 3.2 the prices listed and advertised on the site are sale prices. Prices and promises are valid until they are updated and changed by the seller. Prices published for a period of time are valid until the end of the specified period. 3.3 The table below shows the sale price and shipping costs for goods or services subject to contract, including all taxes.

#PRODUCTS_TABLE 3.4 payment format and delivery details are as follows:

Form and payment plan


Delivery address




Invoices address


Order date


Delivery form


  1. Right to withdraw

4.1 The buyer may use the right to withdraw in relation to the product to which it was delivered or the product delivered to the person/institution at the address shown where he has the right to use the right to withdraw from the goods purchased within 14 days of the date of delivery where he can use this right without any justification and without any liability for payments.

4.2 The buyer agrees in advance that the seller has informed him of this prior notification form before accepting the contract of sale remotely or any similar purchase offer.

4.3 In order to exercise the right to withdraw within 14 days, the seller must be notified through the Easy Return Center or customer service representative and the product must not have been used in accordance with article 6 provisions.

If this right is used: 

  1. a)the delivery invoice must be sent to the third person or buyer (with the return invoice issued by the enterprise when the product to be returned in the case of the invoice issued to the institutional entities.
    b)Return form,
    c) The products to be returned within 14 days must be delivered in full and without any damage to the standard enclosure, packaging or accessories, if any. Within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of these documents to the seller, the price of the product is returned to the buyer.

4.4 If the shipping price is paid by the buyer for the returned product due to the withdrawal right, the relevant shipping cost must be returned to the buyer after the product is accepted by the seller.

If the maximum amount of the campaign organized by the seller is reduced due to the exercise of the right to withdraw and/or the terms of the campaign cannot be met, the discount amount and/or the shipping amount used in the campaign must be cancelled and deducted from the payment to be made in accordance with the return transactions.

4.5 When returning the product to the seller, the original invoice submitted to the buyer must be returned at the time of delivery of the product (to ensure consistency in our accounting records).

If the invoice is not sent to the seller within 5 days of the delivery date of the product at the latest, the payment will not be refunded and the product will be returned to the buyer in a similar manner. The "return invoice" must be written on the invoice to be returned with the product and signed by the buyer.

  1. Products where the right to withdraw is not used

5.1 Products that are not refundable by nature; products that are considered disposable products, copyable software or products are not accepted with damage, rapid degradation or expiration date. 5.2 The following products may be returned provided that the product packaging is unopened and uncontaminated and the product is unused and untested:

  • All types of cosmetics
  • Lingerie and beach wear products (bikini, swimwear, committed swimwear, etc.)
  • All types of personal care products
  • All kinds of software and software
  • DVD, VCD, CD and cassettes
  • Computer and stationery supplies (ink, cartridge, tape, etc.)
  1. General provisions

6.1 Buyer received preliminary information on the basic characteristics of the products (type, quantity, brand/model, colour, unit price, sale price and payment collection information, including sale price and payment method including all taxes and the right to delivery and withdrawal), where it acknowledges receipt and access to the information with the required assurances for sale in the electronic community.

6.2 In the absence of the buyer at the address at the time of delivery, the seller is deemed to have fully completed the transaction.

If there is no one to deliver at the address, it will be the buyer's responsibility to continue shipping the products by contacting the shipping company. If the product is delivered to a person/institution other than the buyer, the seller cannot be held responsible for the person/enterprise delivery or if the delivery is not accepted. In such cases, the buyer must bear the damages and losses of waiting for the product in the shipping company and/or return the shipment to the seller.

6.3 The buyer may request and complain to the seller by calling the following telephone numbers in the country where he or she is located:

Turkey + 90 countries


6.4 In all types of disputes arising from the initial information form or remote sales contract and/or application, the buyer acknowledges and undertakes to accept that the seller's official books, business records, electronic information in its database, server information, computer and telephone/corresponding records are all binding, final and exclusive evidence in disputes that may arise from this contract and this article is considered in accordance with the provisions of Article 193 of the Judicial Trials Act. 6.5 In the application of the preliminary information form and remote sales contract, consumer arbitration committees and consumer courts are authorized where the buyer purchases the goods, services or place of residence until the value announced by the Ministry of Commerce.
Provincial/state consumer arbitration committees are responsible for consumer demands in line with the minimum and upper limits set out in section 68 (1) of the Consumer Protection Act.